Our duty of care as professionals is to do everything we can to ensure that our vehicles are as safe as possible, everyday...

Why Winter Tyres?

Occasionally people ask “why do Kirkhams go to the trouble of fitting winter tyres?”

Our answer is simple. We do because winter tyres are proven to give the driver more control in all winter driving conditions, not just in snow, but in the cold, wet and icy conditions. In other words just the type of conditions we typically expect to encounter in the predictably unpredictable British Winter.

It's our duty of care as professionals to do everything that we can to ensure that our vehicles & passengers are as safe as possible on every journey, everyday.

Winter Tyre facts.

From November through to April, heavy rain, ice and snow can make driving hazardous. And as our clients know very well, were are often the first to venture out onto untreated country roads in the early hours of the morning and the last to return late at night. For this reason we need to be confident that we are as prepared as possible in advance for anything the weather may throw at us.

Generally, summer tyres start to harden at less than +7 °C. But winter or (cold weather tyres) tyres use a special natural rubber compound that remains soft and elastic, helping them grip the road better and shorten braking distances at low temperatures. They also feature a special tread system of wide grooves (sipes), designed to give additional traction and control in snowy and wet conditions.